from an email 2/11/06; pictures sent 2/13/06

I am the new chef. I started my cooking adventure last night when I made super for the Adam, Ryan, Jared, and myself. We had worked hard at the feeding center for most of the afternoon and part of the evening; and on the way back while starving I told the guys I would cook an awsome dinner for them.

I cooked Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, with a Jalapeno' Jack - Mac & Cheese, and a side of angle hair pasta. It was incredible! Everything turned out wonderfully. Super creamy potatoes with a well flavored gravy, perfect. The guys where blown away. They said it was the best food they have had since they left the states. . .

Tonight I just finished cooking a marvlous Lasagna, mixed vegetables.. carrots, peas, and green beans, with garlic toast and a pinapple souffle for desert. It was spectacular!! Perfect Lasagna! I used spinach, mushrooms, garlic, fresh tomatoes, and onions, with a ramono and parmesan cheese. Boiled the pasta first and then saute'd the mushrooms, onions, garlic with olive oil. Started the sauce, and baked it for 20+mins. Perfect! Super soft pasta, tasty sauce with a smooth flavor. . .

Tomorrow I'm going to cook a good breakfast. They saw me last tuesday make a perfect omlette, well, we didn't have any cheese, but the egg shell was perfect and the onion and peppers mix was delighting to the eye. Don't get me wrong the flavor was excellent, it just didn't have any cheese in it.

biscuits and gravy


Ryan K and lasagna


rice and curry

Johnny, Ryan and Adam

Adam and Mynor

Jared teach geography class at CAG


Jared and Andrew

Jared and Mynor

Mynor and Ryan K.



Ryan K.

CAG auto mech class

CAG elem kids

CAG gym

CAG High school

CAG main building


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