Hey, I cut my first finger on my left hand down to the bone today. Its right at the first knuckle. I was using my new machete while cutting some brush surrounding the house of the belgiums. I grabbed a limb, and swung at it...
however my hand was where the blade was going. It cut along the branch and into my finger, slicing it wide open. Kinda like peeling a banana. ;) Wow did it bleed! I wrapped it in a grey T-shirt and applied alot of pressure.
Ten minutes later the bleeding stopped quit a bit, and I began bandaging it.
I finished that, and went back to work.

Gilles, ¨Jill¨is how its pronounced, is giving me his surf board. Its a nice one, a few dings, but not bad. It is the one he learned on last year. Yep, free, I´ll stick around for a week or so and work at the house, but after that its all mine, otherwise I can give him $60 US and it´s mine, no work...
I´ll work! Its a great looking board, and I have many ideas for it. ;) I think its a ´6 ¨4 or something, short yes, but thats the best way to learn.

Go through some rough times in the begining for a week, then you´ll get the hang of it. The best part about a short board is that its easier to paddle with and that you can duck dive it. Hard to catch waves and feel stable at first, but Its worth it.

I´ll send picture soon.


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