Today Ryan, Amanda, Joben, Matt, And Matt's Parents.... We all went up to Montezuma again. It was a BLAST! I got in the water this time. I jumped off the tree that Jared did, as well as the rope swing, but no waterfall. Maybe next time. I hurt my ear though, jumping off the tree. I went pretty deep in the water and the pressure really got to me. It hurts, but I have some drops, and am taking advil and tylenol. Should clear up by morning. It was hurting a week back, but I used the drops and pills and it cleared up in a few hours. Anyways, were heading up to a place called "Witch's Rock" on Friday. It's a scene out of the movie "Endless Summer", Really cool surf spot. We are going to drive up the coast checking out all the breaks along the way for good surf, but willl eventually end up at Witch's Rock. Amanda, Joben and Olli are going to come with us. Maybe Gilles if he gets back from Nicarauga by then. He's going up there to pick another Belgium friend tomorrow.

Love, Ray

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